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Hate You (Why Do I Love You)

Title: Hate You
Pairing: Hanchul (Hankyung/others, Heechul/others)
Rating: R
Summary: Heechul is angry that Hankyung left Super Junior without a word and takes it upon himself to punish him for it. What he doesn't expect is for Hankyung to fight back and everything to get so personal. Heechul doesn't care if he breaks hearts along the way until he realizes he's breaking his own.
A/N: *side-eyes this fic* This is for static_abyss who is the only reason I will ever write Hanchul. And you'll see why. Hanchul makes me do weird, terrible things. I'm not very happy with this and if I look at it anymore I'm going to want to trash it and that will upset Ana. So try to enjoy :|

Heechul had never really forgiven Hankyung for leaving Super Junior.

Well, that was not exactly the truth. He understood why Hankyung left. You’d have to be blind to be living with someone, be with them almost 24/7 and not notice that person’s suffering. Heechul had seen the strain Hankyung was under, the constant pressure the company and their schedules put on him. It was nothing new to any of them, but Hankyung had to deal with the blatant racism as well. It was made out to be a joke but Heechul saw the way Hankyung’s lips tightened and eyes narrowed almost imperceptibly every time he was the butt of some joke or Kangin pretended to speak in Chinese and instead uttered nonsense words while making weird faces.

Heechul had noticed all of that but never stopped his own teasing of Hankyung’s accent, his broken Korean, his habit of pretending to misunderstand in certain situations and whatever else Heechul could find to make fun of him for. It had almost become a routine for them and Heechul had just assumed that Hankyung was resistant to his remarks; he had ignored them well enough anyway.

Obviously, Heechul had been wrong and it hurt more than he cared to admit that he hadn’t known Hankyung well enough to notice that he’d passed his breaking point months before he walked out on them.

So, no, Heechul wasn’t so much pissed off at Hankyung for leaving as he was angry with himself for not noticing and taking action earlier. He was enough of a narcissist to believe that he could have convinced Hankyung to stay. Heechul was a selfish creature. It was about Heechul having his Hankyung rather than what was best for Hankyung in the end. But Heechul was stubborn and couldn’t admit to making a mistake in judgment, to being wrong. It was much easier to blame Hankyung.

There was one thing that Heechul hadn’t forgiven Hankyung for, one thing that hung over his head and forced out his innate stubbornness and changed their relationship forever. Hankyung left without a word. Just walked out on him one day and hadn’t looked back. Heechul could have cared less about the repercussions on the band at that point. The fact was that Hankyung had left him and no one left Kim Heechul.

They still talked of course. Oh, they talked. It usually ended in shouting and one of them hanging up with no goodbye (or in Heechul’s case, throwing his phone across the room). Heechul didn’t know why he even bothered trying to talk to Hankyung civilly. They were both so hardheaded it was difficult to get any important words out before someone got angry about something. Hankyung was better at keeping his calm and used to be that soothing presence at Heechul’s side that had kept him from getting too angry or bitchy. But now that he was back in China, everything was different. Heechul could hear the renewed confidence in Hankyung’s voice, could sense that he wouldn’t back down and just give Heechul what he wanted anymore. It was off-putting and fucking annoying because Heechul wasn’t used to Hankyung fighting back. Hankyung had grown a damn backbone and refused to take the way Heechul treated him like utter shit. Honestly, it was about time but Heechul didn’t think that way. It just riled him up, made him work that much harder to break Hankyung.

They began this sick game to get the other’s attention, to hurt each other. Heechul would see an interview where Hankyung mentioned him or Super Junior and their ‘good relationship.’ So Heechul would kiss someone on stage because he knew it irritated Hankyung. Hankyung talked to Siwon for five hours straight one night and Siwon wouldn’t shut up about it so Heechul kissed him. Hankyung had called him the next night instead. It was unhealthy, sadistic and horrible to the people around them but Heechul couldn’t stop.


Heechul threw himself on his bed and dislodged a hissing Heebum from his comfortable sleeping spot on Heechul’s pillow. It had been a long 48 hours. SJ-M was in the middle of promotions and the dorm was empty for the most part except for him and Leeteuk. They were both busy with various schedules and recordings so they didn’t often run into each other. It was… surprisingly lonely.

Heechul snorted at his own train of thought. He didn’t need anyone else around. He hadn’t been on edge during Young Street because he was basically alone. No that wasn’t it. He’d been snappish and bitchy because SJ-M was in China. China where Hankyung was. Of course China was one of the biggest countries but that didn’t matter because SJ-M and Hankyung appeared on the same shows and recorded in the same places. Knowing Hankyung and their little game, Heechul was expecting something to happen.

Heechul picked up his phone and dialed Siwon’s number without hesitation. Better check up on Hankyung’s favorite dongsaeng just to make sure Hankyung was keeping his distance.

It took five rings for the phone to be answered and when it was Heechul wasn’t even sure he’d gotten through.


A noise that sounded an awful lot like a moan and then breathless laughter answered him. Heechul glanced at his phone in confusion when Siwon’s voice spoke Mandarin in low tones. Another voice answered in a whisper, too low for Heechul to hear properly.

“Hello,” Heechul tried again, getting annoyed. “Speak Korean, damn it.”

But he was once again ignored. A soft, surprised gege broke the silence and Heechul almost dropped the phone. The obvious sound of a mattress creaking and breathy sighs echoed mockingly in Heechul’s quiet room.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. There was only one person that Siwon referred to that way, only one person he felt the need to talk to in Mandarin when there was no need.

Geng-ge another voice moaned, confirming Heechul’s suspicions. But those tones were too high-pitched to be Siwon’s…

Mi, Siwon sighed and suddenly every sound, sigh, moan and scrape of clothing was magnified in Heechul’s ear. He could hear and imagine everything going in on that room, see it in his mind as if he were right there watching them.

Hankyung was leading and it was like some kind of dance. He kissed Siwon and then Zhou Mi because he was being possessive and Heechul could hear the soft moans of Hankyung’s name when he broke away from one of them. Hankyung had been the one to initiate (obviously, Heechul thought, Siwon and Seasoning wouldn’t betray me like this without convincing) and both Siwon and Zhou Mi were following his instructions. His instructions that were whispered in Korean even though both men would understand what to do if spoken in Mandarin. No, the Korean was for Heechul’s benefit, so he would know exactly what they were doing.

Hankyung laid out on his back giving instructions and Heechul felt a familiar coiling sensation in the pit of his stomach. He cursed Hankyung in his head as he slid hand below the belt of his pants. Damn him, damn him! Heechul’s moan was drowned out by Hankyung’s as Siwon moved in him. Hankyung bit out an order in a strained voice and Heechul closed his eyes, losing himself in the touch of his hand and the vision of Zhou Mi sinking down onto Hankyung. The picture the three of them burned into Heechul’s imagination was fucking hot. Siwon pushed, Hankyung bucked and Zhou Mi dropped down. Their mingled moans, grunts and curses filled Heechul’s pounding ears and his hand sped up without his consent.

At Hankyung’s choked groan and drawn out sigh, Heechul threw his phone across the room. He came screaming Hankyung’s name in fury or ecstasy, he couldn’t tell anymore.


When everyone returned from China, they acted quite normal. Heechul would have been impressed if he wasn’t busy fuming and planning his revenge. He was most upset with Siwon because Siwon knew about him and Hankyung. Hell, everyone did but Siwon was the last person he had expected to betray him like that.

Heechul invaded Siwon’s apartment the night after they returned on the pretense of drinking together and catching up. They’d been sitting around talking about trivial things for too long and Heechul was getting impatient. He shoved Siwon onto his back on the bed and crawled over him. After all, Heechul was really only here for one thing.

“I know you fucked my Hannie, Siwon-ah,” Heechul purred, lips inches away from Siwon’s ear as he leaned close into the muscular body. Siwon stiffened under him and pushed at his shoulders lightly.

“Hyung, I. You never—” Heechul cut him off with his lips as he molded them to Siwon’s. He knew what those lips tasted like. He’d kissed Siwon more times than any other member on stage and it wasn’t an accident. The taste of Siwon’s lips was something Heechul craved. Their lips seemed to fit together perfectly and there was something thrilling about having so much attention from the skinship king. Something that made Heechul shiver when he saw Siwon give the others small pecks while Heechul could slip his tongue into Siwon’s waiting mouth, without needing to ask for permission.

“I never what, Siwonnie,” Heechul whispered, grazing his teeth over Siwon’s collarbone. “I never laid claim to him? I should have thought it was obvious.”

Again, Siwon tried to push at Heechul’s shoulders but his arms fell limply at his side when Heechul’s hands snaked up his shirt to tease sensitive skin beneath. Heechul’s victorious grin disappeared when he noticed the faded red and purple marks decorating Siwon’s chest, just below the line of his shirt. That bastard left those for Heechul to find. Hankyung knew, had anticipated Heechul’s reaction. So the answering of the phone call hadn’t been an accident (not that Heechul had really believed it to be). Hankyung wanted Heechul to hear them together, wanted to drive him crazy, wanted Heechul to see the possessive bruises he’d left behind on Siwon.

He sat up abruptly, glaring at the marks as if they were the real source of his fury and he could burn them away with his gaze alone. Siwon’s wide eyes stared up at him, unsure and slightly fearful.

“Why’d you let him do this, Siwon? You should know better,” Heechul muttered, mostly to himself, tracing the bruises with a long finger. Siwon opened his mouth to answer but Heechul shook his head. “It doesn’t matter now. But you know, you do need to be punished.”

Siwon shuddered and Heechul smirked down at him. Yes, this would be fun.

It wasn’t nice. It was all about possession and control and pulling out louder moans from Siwon than those Heechul had heard over the phone. Every single faded bruise and bite mark was darkened and brought back out by Heechul’s teeth. It was almost a contest: Heechul wanted Siwon to admit to that he was wrong and then beg Heechul for sweet release. Tormenting Siwon became more of a game and Heechul almost lost sight of his original intention. But one glance at those ugly bruises and Heechul remembered. This was about Hankyung.

Siwon, for the most, gave in to him. There was a moment of hesitancy when they were both naked and Heechul could see the vulnerability in Siwon’s eyes, the insecurities. Heechul knew Siwon was genuinely upset over what happened in China and he was doing this because he wanted Heechul to forgive him. And Heechul was just using him for some personal vendetta. They stared at each other for a moment before Heechul’s eyes closed off and he sat back, hard. Siwon gasped and the moment was gone, emotions thrown out in favor of sensation.

Heechul planted his hands on Siwon’s chest and lifted himself up ever so slowly before dropping back down. For a few moments, Heechul was the only one moving. Below him, Siwon’s eyes were tight shut and his lip was caught in between his teeth. Then Heechul sped up, closing his teeth over a nipple and Siwon arched up causing both of them to groan together.

After that, they were both gone. Heechul closed his eyes and could have easily imagined it was Hankyung that he was riding. But he wasn’t, not this time. Now his mind was filled with images of Siwon and his ears only caught Siwon’s grunts and moans. They reached the edge together and with groans of the other’s name and no one else’s.


It didn’t matter to Heechul who got caught in the middle, who got hurt by the little game he was playing with Hankyung. He might have a quick moment of remorse but it disappeared in an instant whenever he saw something that reminded him of Hankyung or heard about him on an interview. After the one night with Siwon, Heechul had been mostly ignoring him. He could see how hurt Siwon looked, but Heechul didn’t care. He’d get over it, not Heechul’s problem to deal with.

Same went with any other member. He’d kissed Hyukjae on stage as fiercely as he knew how, knowing it would be put online right away, knowing Hankyung would see or hear about it somehow.

Afterwards, Hyukjae was even more shy, awkward and unsure around him and Donghae’s glare could bore holes in the back of his head. Donghae didn’t get angry very often but when he did it was a scary thing to behold. But it didn’t matter.

Heechul was a strong supporter of the end justified the means and he was only looking at the end game. Getting to Hankyung, getting under his skin until he lost control. Heechul lived for those moments when they were screaming at each other over the phone. They made his blood boil in ways it hadn’t since before Hankyung had left.

It was the only thing Heechul really cared about now. Singing had long since lost its appeal for him. In fact he nearly hated it now because being up there on stage performing only served to remind him of Hankyung and the times they were up there together, smiling, happy and worry-free. But Heechul was done with that, didn’t want it anymore. He didn’t want that happiness with Hankyung. This game they were playing was too much fun to stop now. It entertained him where before he had been bored and moping.

Heechul didn’t like being in Super Junior anymore, not without Hankyung, not at all. Heechul had decided he hated it and that was Hankyung’s fault, so by extension he hated Hankyung. And just like every other impulsive thought Heechul acted on, he didn’t stop to think rationally. There was so much unbridled passion between the two of them that it was almost effortless to turn it into hate instead of love. Heechul now hated the fact that he had trusted and even loved Hankyung before. Love was an uncontrollable, wild emotion and it pissed him off. He liked having control over his own emotions and resented whatever power Hankyung had over him.

When Leeteuk called him into his room one night, Heechul wasn’t the least bit surprised. He’d been expecting a lecture a while ago, to be honest. But then again Leeteuk usually left him alone because they were the same age and Heechul didn’t listen very well anyway. Today however, he’d crossed some kind of line apparently. He’d basically molested Ryeowook earlier and Yesung had almost punched him on stage (Siwon’s interference being the only thing that saved him). It amused him how the others reacted when he did certain things. People’s overreactions fascinated him. Hankyung had never overreacted, never once looked angry or jealous after Heechul had lip-locked with yet another person on stage. Hankyung just didn’t fit into the little categories Heechul had made up for people. That only served to fuel Heechul’s ever-burning desire to break Hankyung’s perfectly constructed walls.

“This has to stop, Heechul,” were the first words out of Leeteuk’s mouth when Heechul walked in. Heechul just rolled his eyes and plopped down on the bed next to Leeteuk.

“Heechul, I’m serious. This is getting out of hand. Your obsession with Hankyung is interfering with the band. You’re upsetting your friends, Heechul.”

Heechul let out an exasperated noise. “I’m not obsessed. And the fans are happy when I do stuff on stage, so why should it be a problem?”

Leeteuk stood up, agitated and started talking about how Heechul needed to think of other people and not just his own selfish desires for once in his life. Heechul easily tuned him out to think about more pressing matters. What should his next move on Hankyung be? It was annoying that he could never see Hankyung’s reaction, see what his actions brought out. But they always called each other. Heechul was usually the one who called first except on the rare occasions that Hankyung was really riled up and upset with him. Those were the times Heechul looked forward to the most. He was happiest when he’d gotten the reaction he wanted from Hankyung.

“Heechul, are you even fucking listening to me?!”

Leeteuk was nearly shouting at him and that got Heechul’s attention. Leeteuk’s face was flushed and his eyes were glittering with the force of his rage. This was new. Heechul had never really seen this side of Leeteuk before (it was likely that only Kangin had), but he had to admit it was intriguing. Usually Leeteuk left him alone even if he did something scandalous, because that’s what his fans loved about him.

But this, this pissed off side of Leeteuk was hot, no denying it. Heechul enjoyed their fanservice in Bonamana more than he thought he would. Those facial expressions of Leeteuk’s were downright erotic. Heechul would be lying if he said he’d never thought about trying to bring out those expressions later, when there was no one around to act for. If that was a controlled reaction, Heechul was dying to see Leeteuk uninhibited.

“Heechul.” Leeteuk’s voice was low, dangerous, sexy. But Heechul never bowed to anyone’s threats and Leeteuk certainly didn’t scare him. This would be fun and for once he wasn’t going into it with Hankyung at the forefront of his thoughts.

It was almost too easy to pull Leeteuk down to lay across him. The sound of protest Leeteuk made was surprised, unsure—as if he really didn’t know what he wanted. Heechul leaned up to kiss him and Leeteuk sighed, giving in so damn easily. Heechul rolled them over and began tugging at clothes, getting out of them in record time.

“Shit, Jungsu, you’re eager,” Heechul purred when he felt Leeteuk, hot and pulsing against his thigh. Leeteuk looked terrified, close to tears.

“This is wrong. Heechul, this is so wrong,” Leeteuk whispered but there was a hesitant acceptance in his voice and he didn’t look like he believed his own words.

“Why? Why should we be the ones to suffer?” Heechul curled a hand around Leeteuk and tugged roughly. Leeteuk gasped and arched into his touch, biting his lip to keep from letting out more sounds. “You’ve been faithful, why? You think Kangin has been? Shit, the man is addicted to sex, I doubt he’s remaining chaste in the army.”

Leeteuk cried out, tears gathering in the corners of his eyes but Heechul didn’t know if they were from his words or his rough treatment. Working his fingers in and around, Heechul didn’t care about being gentle. Maybe they both really needed this. Leeteuk needed to wake up and realize that Kangin was gone and there was nothing he could do about it. Moping around and missing Kangin, refraining from giving into his desires wasn’t going to make Kangin love him anymore or come home any sooner.

Heechul came inside Leeteuk with the realization that he was attacking Leeteuk so harshly because if he didn’t it would mean admitting Leeteuk was right and he was wrong. And he might have already pushed Hankyung too far.


Heechul had no idea what he was doing, why he was here. He was known for being impulsive but he tried to have some idea of what he was going to say or do. But here he was with no idea how he was supposed to even start going about fixing things.

The door opened on the third knock and it threw Heechul off for a moment. It’s not like he could have known or been waiting.


There was the briefest flicker of surprise and something that Heechul couldn’t identify before Hankyung’s face closed off, guarded. Now that he was there and actually standing right in front of Hankyung, Heechul had no idea why he’d thought this would be a good idea. He would have turned tail and run if he wasn’t so stubborn. Heechul knew this was pretty much his only shot. But his mouth refused to work and he ended up standing in the doorway looking like a lost fool.

Hankyung sighed and moved away from the door, leaving it open for Heechul to follow him inside. They didn’t get far before Hankyung turned around, hands on his hips, and gave Heechul an expectant look.

“I saw your, ah, performance with Ryeowook yesterday. I’m surprised Yesung hasn’t murdered you by now.” Hankyung’s voice was carefully blank like always, because he never reacted the way Heechul wanted him to. “I hope you’re not looking to hide from him here.”

“I had sex with Leeteuk,” Heechul blurted out without thinking and there was that flash of something in Hankyung’s eyes again but it was gone in an instant.

“So you came all the way here to rub your newest conquest in my face?”

Heechul could see that Hankyung was starting to get angry and any other time he would have been happy and calling it a victory. But now, now he wanted that anger gone. He missed smiling and laughing with Hankyung, missed that easy atmosphere that always surrounded the two of them together.

“Of course not. No, I. Shit, that’s not it at all, Hankyung,” Heechul stuttered, nearly in tears and it was so unlike him, but Hankyung didn’t seem to notice.

“Oh, really? Then what the fuck do you want?”

Heechul trembled at the anger and masked hurt in Hankyung’s voice. He hadn’t been this upset when Heechul talked to him after sleeping with Siwon. Then again, that was over the phone and Heechul could have missed the visual signs he was picking up on now, like Hankyung’s tense shoulders and tight lips. Plus, Hankyung had slept with Siwon first and knew that Heechul would after him.

“I realized something. I. I may have been wrong. You know how much he loves Kangin,” Heechul swallowed after Hankyung muttered of course and glared at him to continue. “After the horrible things that Kangin did… Leeteuk still forgave him. He still loves him. And I. Shit, I made him cheat on Kangin.”

Hankyung ran a hand through his hair and leaned against the wall looking utterly exhausted. “So what is it exactly you want from me? Reassurances? You want me to tell you they’ll be fine? How about telling you to stop? Shit, you’ve never listened before, why should I think you would now?”

Hankyung sucked in a deep breath and eyed him wearily. “Why are you here, Heechul.”

“To apologize. I’m sorry.”

That stopped Hankyung. His eyes went wide and he stared at Heechul in complete shock.


“I love you,” Heechul breathed. “I was wrong, I’m sorry.”

“Say it again,” Hankyung whispered, taking a step toward him. Heechul bit his lip but figured Hankyung deserved to rub it in a little bit.

“I was wrong.”

“No, not that, idiot,” Hankyung was a step away, breathing in every breath Heechul was letting out. “What you said first.”

“I love you—”

Heechul barely got the words out before Hankyung’s lips were on his and oh, that was what he had been missing. Those lips that were soft, so wonderfully soft against his. They just fit, so much better than Siwon’s or Leeteuk’s and then Hankyung was tugging him backwards and they were stumbling and falling into the bed tangled up in each other and all thoughts of anyone except Hankyung vanished.

They moved slowly, nothing about their actions rushed. After all, they had so much to relearn about each other, the kinds of things they’d known so well but were now only fleeting memories. Like how Hankyung squirmed in an entirely beautiful way when Heechul ran a thumb along his ribs. Hankyung also seemed to remember how much Heechul loved his ears to be bitten and licked.

Clothes took a long time to come off but they were in no rush. With every new inch of Hankyung’s skin revealed, Heechul stopped to worship it with his lips and tongue. Hankyung paid him the same careful attention and it was a warm relief when they were finally out of the last article of clothing. Hankyung stretched him slowly, with an aching tenderness Heechul hadn’t felt in a long time. Tears formed in Heechul’s eyes at the press of those gentle fingers and it wasn’t from any kind of pain.

When they finally joined together, Heechul could feel Hankyung’s heart beating inside his own chest and he touched a hand to Hankyung’s chest where he felt his own heartbeat match up. They breathed in each other’s air for a moment before Hankyung moved and then captured the soft sounds Heechul was letting out with his mouth.

It was all about soft sighs and even softer touches. They didn’t need to set up or find a rhythm because their bodies moved together so naturally. Heechul felt lost in a haze of pleasure and he almost didn’t want to find release if he could stay in this moment forever. Hankyung surrounding him, filling him, protecting him, loving him.

Hankyung whispered words in his ear, words in Mandarin because only his mother tongue could fully express his feelings. While Heechul didn’t exactly understand, the meaning was clear and Heechul kissed him, lazily, sloppily. He came, untouched, Hankyung’s name and sighed I love yous falling effortlessly from his lips.

There was a lot still left to talk about, so much left to sort out. Apologies to be made and more tears to be shed. They’d hurt a lot of people before finding each other and as much as Heechul claimed he didn’t care, it wasn’t even close to the truth.

But that was something to worry about later and for now Heechul just snuggled into Hankyung’s chest as he threw a blanket over them both and softly kissed Heechul’s forehead. They fell into an easy, comfortable sleep in each other’s arms—right where they belonged.

Hoorah. Ana would have killed me if I ended up hurting her Geng so this fluffy ending is for her. Ah, who am I kidding, I got tired of being mean ;~;


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Apr. 10th, 2011 09:04 am (UTC)
I wash my hands of this fic, Ana. You owe me. >:|
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Andi. /sobs you two and your Hanchul bias kill me.
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are you kidding me? this was wonderful!! i shall not kill you!!!

i mean, i totally saw your SiChul bias sticking its tongue out at me, but this was freaking wonderfully amazing!!!

poor Teukie, but i'll admit that TeukChul is rather hot...

and the ninja!EunHae and ninja!YeWook made me smile like a fool =)

and then the HanChul~~ the wonderful loving HanChul that was so beautifully, perfectly written~ *sighs dreamily*

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spots for self!
you're spoiling me with all the heechul D:
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Don't worry, I'm spoiling myself. I freaking love writing Heechul ;~;
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ohhh love leads to heartache to heartbreak and back to love again <333
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:) Yep that's it! Thanks for commenting~
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Omg I loved this Hanchul is love lol

Their game was bad; loved the whole Donghae glaring at Heechul and how Yesung wanted to punch him lol

But poor Eeteuk Heechul was wrong for that one

But this was awesome
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hehe yeah Heechul messed with most of the couples ;__;

I wish I could have wrapped it up more and fixed things, but SJ gets through anything and Leeteuk is strong so they'll make things right :)

Thanks so much for commenting.
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Awwh, I really like this! But all the other couples.. hmm I feel bad for them. But at least Hanchul got together and in the end that's what matters... [?? Selfishh Haha] I get greeedyy with them.

Anywho, I enjoyed this it was a different take on 'Hangeng leaving super junior and lets see how Heechul feels' and I loved it! Hope you write more of them :)
Apr. 12th, 2011 05:09 am (UTC)
/sobs. I guess so. /cuddles my sichul. lol I'm Sichul biased and it killed me to hurt my Wonniebb ;~;

Anyway, it did end with them at least knowing they had a lot of things to fix, right? /shot

Awww thanks for saying that, I try to avoid overdone subjects but this just came to me. Thanks for the comment~
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omg this is so good. brb reading over and over again. *____*
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*o* thank you so much <333

Also I adore that picture from your icon. Baengsin is so cute :D
Apr. 12th, 2011 04:38 am (UTC)
Wow. That was amazing :D The idea of Heechul dealing with Hankyung's departure has been overdone, but this was a whole new spin on things. An incredible exploration of Heechul's mind (all the better since he's my bias) as well as Hanchul's angry/back-and-forth relationship. So many couples and threesomes too- Eunhae, Yewook, Kangteuk, SiHanMi (haven't seen this before O.o), Sichul (poor Siwon), 83line (especially poor Leeteuk D:)- and all very well written.

But oh, so glad that Hanchul were able to get together after all, and what a sweet and romantic encounter that was *wibbles* I especially like how their making love emphasizes the naturalness of them being together along with how in sync they are. That whole section was gorgeous, I tell you, especially the part where their heartbeats match and they're breathing in each other's air >.<

And the hopeful ending was the perfect finishing touch- they do have a lot of patching up to do with the others, but for now it's fine to just be together. Beautifully done, and I loved it! &hearts &hearts &hearts
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Wow wow that's dirty. <3
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You're a sweetheart :) <3 chicken wings and a pizookie sometime soon?
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Yes. OMG. I fricken' loved it.
; _______ ;

HanChul asdfghjkl;;;;;

/hands down, nuff' said.
Apr. 12th, 2011 09:34 pm (UTC)
ajskdj4rathnsdj8vmq54sd <3333333333333333333333333333 This was so freaking amazing, seriosuly. It was believable, which a lot of post-Hannie-leaving fics aren't, and your Heenim was spot on, by which I mean diabolical and delicious. UGH. SERIOUSLY. I'm just flailing right now, idek. The ending was just what I needed after too many bitter-angry-only Hanchul fics lately. :P And the Shichul and Teukchul was /nommy/!!!
Apr. 14th, 2011 08:01 pm (UTC)
JENN! Thank you bb I missed you omg <333333333333 I just, Heechul always comes out that way for me he's just so evil and perfect ;A; I had fun with the pairings but got tired of being so mean ): I'm glad you liked it so much bb<333
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